Print Excellence Awards

The FTASA Print Excellence Awards are an annual celebration of innovation and excellence in the flexographic printing industry. Hosted by the Flexographic Technical Association of South Africa, these awards showcase the remarkable achievements of professionals who master the art of flexography—a printing technique renowned for its efficiency, versatility, and exceptional quality. Participants from across the Southern African industry are invited to submit their projects, which are judged on creativity, technical execution, and adherence to the principles of sustainable printing. The awards honor outstanding work in several categories, for various criteria including use of colour, innovation in Sustainability, and technical achievement. Winning an FTASA Print Excellence Award not only confers prestige but also significantly enhances the visibility and reputation of the recipients within the industry. It is an opportunity for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and to be recognized by their peers for their contributions to advancing flexographic printing.


Explore the Vibrancy of Flexography: Dive into the Spectrum

This year, the FTASA Print Excellence Awards invites you to explore the boundless potential of color in flexographic printing with our theme: “Dive into the Spectrum.” This theme celebrates the innovative use of color, encouraging participants to unleash their creative potential and showcase how they can enhance the visual impact of their prints through dynamic color management and creative applications.

Why ‘Dive into the Spectrum’?

Color is a fundamental aspect of print design, influencing aesthetics, consumer behavior, and the communicative value of printed materials. The ‘Dive into the Spectrum’ theme challenges you to push the boundaries of traditional printing by exploring innovative color strategies that make each piece not just seen, but felt.

Participation Invites Innovation

Whether it’s through the precision of subtle hues or the boldness of vibrant color palettes, this theme is a call to explore new possibilities in print. We encourage entries that demonstrate excellence in color matching, usage of full-color graphics, and techniques that highlight the sophistication possible with advanced flexographic technology.

Celebrate Creativity and Technical Skill

Entries should not only focus on the aesthetic aspects of color use but also the technical challenges and innovations that come with implementing a broad spectrum of color solutions in flexography. We look forward to seeing how each participant interprets this theme in their submissions, pushing the limits of flexographic printing to create powerful, effective, and visually stunning results.

Join Us

Embrace the challenge and let your work be a testament to the theme ‘Dive into the Spectrum.’ Participate in this year’s FTASA Print Excellence Awards to showcase your mastery over the art and science of flexographic printing. Let’s transform the industry landscape together, one color at a time.

Flexographic Technical Association Of South Africa

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