As a premier association, FTASA welcomes a diverse community of companies and individuals who are passionate about Flexography and share a vision for industry growth. Our membership options cater to various needs:

Company Membership (Head office)

Enrollment fee R250
2024 Annual Membership fees R1350

Company Membership (Additional operating site or branch)

Enrollment fee R200
2024 Annual Membership fees R900

Foreign Africa

Enrollment fee R250
2019 Annual Membership fees R1500

Foreign Overseas

Enrollment fee R250
2019 Annual Membership fees R1500

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Membership Benefits

Joining FTASA unlocks an array of exclusive benefits, empowering you and your organization with valuable resources and opportunities:

  • Membership Certificate, proudly identifying you as an esteemed FTASA Member.
  • Complimentary subscription to Packaging and Print Media – South Africa’s esteemed Packaging publication & FTASA Official Journal.
  • Reduced subscription to FLEXO Magazine – the esteemed monthly journal by FTA of America.
  • Exclusive rates for attending FTASA and other international FTA functions.
  • Special rates for participating in training courses presented by FTASA.
  • Exclusive discounted rates for purchasing FTA of America products listed on their Website –
  • Access to global newsletters and technical communications from renowned experts.
  • Privilege to participate in national and international Flexographic printing competitions at special rates.
  • The dynamic Website – – serves as a valuable resource hub for members and the Flexo industry at large.

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Explore an extensive range of technical and training products available on Ordering through FTASA provides access to exclusive FTA member prices, along with reduced postage charges and seamless transactions in Rands.

Flexographic Technical Association Of South Africa

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