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Flexographic Technical Association of South Africa (FTASA) Unleashing Your Flexo Potential – Embrace the Future of Printing Excellence!


Our History

Since our establishment in 1995 during an inaugural meeting in Cape Town, FTASA has consistently grown and evolved. Guided by tremendous support from the EFTA in the UK, we embarked on this journey with the assistance of Tony Bath, the then Secretary. Over the years, FTASA has proudly represented the majority of companies in the Flexo industry, fostering steady growth with a current membership of 94 companies and individuals who share our passion for advancing Flexography.

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold: to lead the Flexo industry into a dynamic era of progress and to empower our members through knowledge-sharing, technical expertise, and access to cutting-edge resources. We facilitate unparalleled networking opportunities, training programs, and forums for collaboration, ensuring our members stay at the forefront of innovation.

Our Vision

At FTASA, our vision is to be the driving force that empowers the Flexographic industry, igniting innovation, and fostering sustainable practices. We aspire to create a vibrant community united by excellence, collaboration, and a shared commitment to continuous growth. Together, we envision the Flexo industry as a global leader in print technology, driven by cutting-edge practices and a passion for excellence.

Our Global Network

The FTASA has close ties with the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa (Printing SA). The FTASA is also a member of the Worldwide Flexographic Technical Associations and work closely with the EFTA (UK) and Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association of the USA. Through the Worldwide FTA the Association also has contact with associations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Poland, Spain & Switzerland.

Executive Committee

FTASA’s Executive Committee, elected biennially during the Annual General Meeting, spearheads our endeavors, shaping our path of progress. Comprising of ten members including an Executive Secretary responsible for daily operations, the committee convenes regularly to drive innovation and excellence. Financial matters are meticulously handled by an independent team.

Flexographic Technical Association Of South Africa

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